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Bryan Wilson
Oct 2, 2017

I bought a drop trailer from them sight unseen and was very hesitant to do so however the guys here went above and beyond to make sure the trailer was top notch shape. The trailer was exactly as they said and ready to work the day i got it. I would use them again for sure.

Dale S
Aug 14, 2019

I was a bit Leary working over the phone/online with a capital equipment . They wired the money to my lender to pay off my lease yesterday and picked up my trailer today! Done deal. Thanks so much staff. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review and for trusting us on this business transaction.

Andrew Ralls
Jul 25, 2019

It's a pleasure to work with them!We are impressed with the speed that they handle transactions and the attentiveness they give to details. They genuinely care about customer service!

Clayton Brunson
Aug 8, 2018

Professional Company! great communication with them and trouble free trip. I would recommend this company to anyone! I give this company a five star rating!

Chip Severson
Nov 2, 2017

Its great working with these guys, the trailer was ready too go when we got there. When we were paid the same day as delivery. Look forward to doing business with them in the future.


Tanlent Service

Deep marketed knowledge and superb expertise, which improve your planning and make your project sustainable and profitable rather just the right solution. TALENET has a complete spare parts store. High-quality original accessories can make your equipment run more stable and safe. Fast transportation means you don't have to worry. We also provide a comprehensive assessment of the consumption of accessories to make your plan safe.

Talenet recondition every truck soundly and thoroughly

As a professional second-hand truck company, TALENET will carry out refined maintenance on every second-hand truck purchased from various places, and comprehensively investigate the hidden dangers of the vehicle, so as to greatly reduce the probability of failure of the vehicle after sales and ensure that it provides you with a safe and A truck that can meet the needs of use. Second-hand truck maintenance has a set of standardized and rigorous procedures. From pick-up, pre-maintenance inspection, maintenance, additional review to final sale, we will conduct an overall assessment and understanding of the vehicle and establish a complete information database.

The Price Performance Ratio of the trucks from Talenet is superb

Compared with new trucks, second-hand trucks are not only low-priced and less depreciated, but also save you a lot of related taxes. With very little cost, you can get more cost-effective products. TALENET We have accumulated a wealth of resources and experience in the field of used trucks. We not only have upstream suppliers with close cooperation and stable supply, but also customers all over the world. Our products are exported to Russia, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries and regions. , The annual export of up to 650 vehicles.

Tanlent Trucks Shipping & Delivery

TALENET Trucks can be shipped one of two ways. Either driven to you by a CDL driver or loaded onto a trailer and shipped to you. Additional loading or unloading costs could be required depending on the trailer type used. The used heavy equipment, construction equipment or cranes for sale can have shipping rates that vary. Depending on disassembly or reassembly cost or special permits needed to deliver. Permits can range from over width to overweight to over height to escorts needed, etc. We will advise you of equipment shipping cost according to the purchase made. Overseas ocean shipping to any seaport in the world we can handle as well.

Shipping and delivery times cannot be promised or guaranteed by anyone at TALENET. All deliveries are dependent on a number of factors from the weather to driver availability to load availability to pick up and delivery locations to a multitude of factors outside the control of TALENET. At any time after the purchase is complete you are welcome to pick up the unit purchased yourself. If you are in need of the unit purchased at an earlier date than what TALENET can provide then you are encouraged to pick it up yourself or hire another party to do the delivery. TALENET delivery options are not the only shipping options available as there are many other carriers nationwide that offer these same services. Our shipping option is likely the cheapest as we do not mark up the freight as our only interest is in getting units delivered as fast as possible.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple.

“To do good deals with good people!”

We do not sacrifice our desire to do good deals with folks for any amount of profit. It’s more to us than just a solid one-liner to stand behind or a cheesy line that sounds good. It’s the TALENET way of work. We have a great staff of good, honest and hardworking folks at TALENET who go home to their families each night knowing that the customers they served that day got a good honest deal. Knowing they didn’t have to lie or bamboozle anyone to “make a sale”. None of our staff is paid on commission. We all work together to provide the best buying experience that we can offer. Nobody is perfect and we might mess up from time to time but it’s not from a lack of effort or from any malicious intent. When we are doing good honest deals with our vendors to our customers to our carriers to subcontractors and beyond we trust that people will respect that and want to continue to do business with us.

If you can’t do the little things right. You’ll never be able to do the big things right!